AI Project Ideation

AI Ideation

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ideation package is designed to help you and your team choose the right business problem to solve with AI, and set the foundation for a successful AI investment.

At the center of the AI Ideation package is your AI Execution Team, a diverse set of stakeholders in your organization that can evaluate AI proposals from critical roles.

Phase 1

The goal of Phase 1 is the analyze existing business operations, gain an understanding of currently captured data, and learn about your organization’s strategic roadmap. We will seek to answer the following questions:

  • What business issues are you facing today?
  • What is the bottom-line impact of the most important business issues?
  • What processes contribute or cause these business issues?
  • What data is currently being collected from these processes?
  • What additional data could be collected in the future from these processes?
  • Where is the collected data stored, and is this collected data accessible?
  • What are your current initiatives to overcome the existing business issues?
  • What are the current obstacles to your long-term business objectives?
  • What are your current machine learning or AI initiatives?

Phase 2

During Phase 2, Onenigma’s team will take the information gathered in Phase 1 and compile a series of detailed AI proposals. Each proposal will contain the required resources, expected timeline, feasibility analysis, and strategic fit of the AI investment.

Phase 3

In this phase, Onenigma will present each proposal generated in Phase 2 to your AI Execution Team while answering any new questions.

After deciding on the right business problem to solve with AI, Onenigma’s detailed proposal will outline actionable next steps to get started. If you are interested in learning more about what kinds of applications AI can have in your business, check out our guide.

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