TypingID Case Study

AI Case Study

When thinking about emerging technology, like machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI), it is often useful to dive into existing examples via Case Studies. Below is a Case Study for TypingID, a patent-pending Onenigma AI innovation.


TypingID is an AI system that can tell different users apart based on mobile or web typing patterns. For example, on mobile TypingID captures the touchscreen and other smartphone sensor data to create a profile of a user’s typing behavior. With this profile, TypingID can tell if the same user is logging back into an app or if a different person may be trying to break in.

Why TypingID?

When evaluating whether or not to applying AI to a business problem, it is useful to walk through our AI Thought Framework.

1. At its core, is the identified business problem manual, repetitive, time-consuming, or labor-intensive with high value to the organization?

Identifying fraudulent charges is a repetitive and time-consuming task, even with existing fraud solutions. Reducing fraud and manual review time is an enormous value to e-commerce organizations, translating directly into cost savings.

2. Does the identified business problem have a process or workflow that generates and captures data?

The process of committing fraud often requires the fraudster to use the mobile or web app via a fraudulent account. The process of creating an account, logging in, searching for a product, submitting payment information, and submitting the order generates significant user interaction data that TypingID can capture.

3. Is the result of the identified process or workflow clear and objective?

The result of the TypingID training data is a single true or false value: is the user’s typing the same as the user’s typing we are comparing against.

How Does TypingID Work?

The AI behind TypingID correlates and finds patterns inside of collected typing data. With a clear and objective result, is this user the same as the previous user that logged into this account, the AI can learn what features of typing making users unique and create a robust typing identity system.

Taking Next Steps

If you have any questions about AI in your business or industry, please contact us! 


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