What can AI do for me?

AI In Your Organization

Seeing exactly how emerging technology will become mainstream in your industry may be difficult. When thinking about a machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) you may find yourself asking: “what can AI do for my organization?”

What AI Can Do

AI can help you unlock business value by asking the right questions to your organization’s proprietary data. Here are four business cases for applying AI to unlock significant value:

1. Making existing workflows more efficient

For example, summarizing long documents to speed up review time or reducing compliance errors via automatic review. Making existing workflows more efficient will decrease cost and increase your bottom line.

2. Creating seamless customer experiences

For example, integrated natural language chat systems or smart voice-powered assistants. Seamless customer experience can drive new business and increase the number of ways new customers can engage with you.

3. Using existing data to project and predict outcomes

For example, predicting mechanical failure of equipment or projecting customer demand based on dynamic market information. By knowing more about the uncertain future, you can better prepare and reduce risk/cost.

4. Turning hidden patterns into actionable insights

For example, detecting fraudulent transactions or determining the best language to use in your messaging for high engagement. Hidden patterns can help you optimize your processes to get more value out of the same amount of time.

Where To Begin

AI is capable to so much more than just the above examples. If you are beginning to consider AI in your business, check out our overview of when to consider applying AI to a business problem.

You may also be interested in reading our Case Study of TypingID, a patent-pending biometric AI system.


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